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Aaaand we’re off!

The girls’ 2018-2019 rosters are practically full. Thank you all for a wonderful turnout! Boys you’re next! September 9th we’re holding 16s and 18s tryouts. We’re expecting our largest turnout yet. Mark your calendar, the rosters will fill fast!

Where do I begin? First off, the coaches are exceptional and very passionate about the sport! They truly emphasize the meaning of great sportsmanship and the importance of being a great player/student on and off the court!! An hour of every practice on the weekends is dedicated for Study Hall and any subject the kids might need help with can and will be addressed! They are also considerate about other school activities the kids might want to be a part of! Having practice on the weekends allows my daughter to be a part of the swim team at school and she does not have to miss out on another one of her passions!! The price is reasonable compared to other ridiculous amounts I came upon when inquiring different volleyball clubs! Also, there is no hierarchy based on who you know and how much you make! Your player better play their heart out !! This is more than a team, it is a family!! Thanks for helping my daughter improve so much and continuing to help her reach her full volleyball potential!
Glad to be part of the Ironclad family!!

Ironclad is a fabulous volleyball club.  Here is what you can expect when joining the Ironclad family.  You get great coaches who make sure that your player gets involved and learns every play correctly.  This is not your typical cookie cutter volleyball club, this is a family.  A place to learn, grow, make friends,  connect and respect each other.  The players really pump each other up and help each other both with skill and encouragement.  Ironclad does not consider their volleyball club as a money machine.   This club is affordable and worth every penny.

The club owner Marissa Flores is dedicated to building a successful foundation.  She goes above and beyond to spend time with her players, talks to them and gets to know them.  She is also the head coach of the 18’s team and her players are outstanding and down right impressive.  Great leadership really reflects among her players.  Shante is co-coach for the 18’s and club director.  Shante takes the time to find out what the players and parents want to get out of becoming an Ironclad members.  Shante is the glue that holds and supports the club, its players and parents.  This club cares about their players academic values and athletic progress.  The club has a mandatory study hall for one hour before each practice.  Coaches are available to support players with their work off and on the court.  And last but not least there is Coach Juan, he is great.  He is the coach for the 16’s team.  He really encourages players to take their game to another level.  Whether it’s tips and tricks on serving, hitting, passing, blocking, coach Juan challenges his players and works with players to become more then they believe they can be.  Coach Juan really goes the extra mile to provide his players with the tools and confidence that they need to succeed.  This club makes impossible/possible.  Want to see a caterpillar turn into a butterfly then this is the place.  This was our first year with Ironclad and we are definitely coming back home on August 2017 for tryouts.


This is the 1st club team that my daughter has played on and I can definitely say that she has improved drastically.  The commitment that the coaches have to the sport, has rubbed off on my daughter and she LOVES the game.  I appreciate the down to earth style of coaching as well as the ongoing communication with the parents.  I can’t say enough about the coaches. They all work together flawlessly and lead by example on sportsmanship.  They expect commitment from the players but in turn, the coaches are committed to making your child a better player.  Not only is the coaching staff great, the program is also affordable.  I recommend this program to anyone that is looking for a great place for your child to excel in volleyball.