Prepare for Lift Off

You’ve spoken! Ironclad VBC is happy to announce our newest program for the smallest athletes. Our 12s  Launch Program is coming this summer with plenty of Learn, Play, and FUN.

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Designed for boys are girls ages 11-12 with little to no prior volleyball experience

7 Weeks – 2 Days a Week


Our club believes, “The game teaches the game”. Starting Day 1, players are immediately immersed in game play. From smaller courts to slightly lower nets, the game is brought down to doubles style format on 6 mini courts where players progress to 4V4 and later 6v6. More court time, more repetition, greater success!


LearnFundamental skills, concepts, and strategy principles are taught and then immediately explored through instruction and direct game play. Creating a player who strives to learn, apply, and win!



The most important part and there’s plenty to go around. Players are encouraged to have fun through collaborative learning, sportsmanship, friendship, and teamwork.