About US

It all started with a question, “Have you ever thought of starting your own club?” After years of playing competitive club and high school volleyball, Head Coach, Marissa Flores noticed the elitist culture of club volleyball first hand. Playing for some of San Gabriel Valley’s elite clubs, she quickly realized some of the most talented girls simply weren’t getting to play, even when their skills proved otherwise. Money was the ultimate divider. 

It’s no secret that some clubs charge the upwards of $4,000. These high prices leave some of the most hardworking, talented, and deserving players off the court, and away from the eyes of college coaches, just because their families can’t afford to pay these outrageous club dues. This is where we wanted to come in. 

What if we could be different? Change club culture. Demand more from our local clubs. After all, coaches spend more time with your child on average than anyone else, aside from school and home. Athletes deserve a club that takes winning, in all its facets of life, seriously. Parents deserve a club that’s affordable and conscience of an athlete’s needs long after the game is over. That’s why we created Ironclad Volleyball Club. 

Our dream is to establish Ironclad Volleyball Club as not only a competitive volleyball club for the young people in the San Gabriel Valley area, but also create a community that cultivates learners who strive for the “next step.” Whether our players want to pursue a vocational certification, undergraduate degree, or any other career enhancing path, Ironclad Volleyball Club is committed to providing all the necessary resources for our players to pursue their dreams –on and off the court. 

Academic tutoring, college application and financial aid workshops, college visits, college coach clinics, employment and resume workshops are all amongst the resources available to our Ironclad family. Each of these components reenforces the pillars of the club: Accountability. Hard Work. Perseverance. Education. Community

At Ironclad Volleyball Club we’re not just here to cultivate winning teams, we’re here to champion successful young women & men. 

Welcome to Ironclad Volleyball club. We got you under our wings.