First Tournament? No Problem!

What to absolutely NOT bring to a tournament:
  1. Energy drinks/soda. 
  2. A bad attitude! 
  3. Significant others. We appreciate the support, but please, remember tournament = game/team time.
  4. Candy. Do we really need to explain this?
  5. Flip flops. 
  6. Jewelry. If you can’t wear it to play, leave it at home. 
  7. Excessive electronics. A cell phone or ipod is fine. Laptops are not.
  8. Anything you “have to hide”. Chances are you shouldn’t bring it.
  9. Other excessive items. You carry what you bring all day.
Things to bring to a game/tournament:
  1. Uniforms. Your coaches don’t have extras. No uniform. No play.
  2. Medical items. This may include inhalers, epi-pens, braces.
  3. WATER. Hydration nation!
  4. Healthy food or a small amount of money. 
  5. Warm ups.
  6. Extra socks, sneakers, and clothing. Sweaty players smell. Don’t do that to your coaches.
  7. Hair ties and personal necessities.
  8. Your “A” game!