Our Director


By way of Vermont, Shante isn’t your average club director.


I grew up around the older generation of volleyball. My mom played before rally scoring, liberos, and spandex, but her love of volleyball was the burning embers that would eventually ignite into a fire when Marissa started explaining her vision of a club to me. It was exactly what I was hoping for.

Attending an alternative style high school, Shante’s experience has fostered a unique perspective on learning and teaching. “Some of the best teachers I had didn’t necessarily have a laundry list of degrees, but simply showed their investment in my future, even when I didn’t always see it for myself.” Shante’s Commitment to total “investment” has fueled the club’s dual vision of not only success on the court, but also, in the classroom. “The future can be hard to see. Some players just don’t see themselves  being ‘good enough’ or ‘smart enough’ for college volleyball. We’re fed so much information about our worthiness as teenagers. I’m just here to help make their future, whatever that may be, clearer.”


Taking an interest in social-equity and cultural communications, Shante was a peer-leader for many diversity initiatives throughout high school. Once in college, under her leadership they would help found student organizations, rebuild her campus’s Student Government, and volunteer as an Undergraduate Course Apprentice. By the end of her undergraduate career, they were the longest standing apprentice, with 4 consecutive semesters; two more than were granted prior, a 4 year member of her student government including; 1 as student body president, a scholarship recipient, founder of a student organization, volunteer through Alternative Spring Break, member of the NCAA cross country team, and  one of the first graduating seniors to receive their minor in rhetoric studies. 

Though, never playing volleyball, Shante’s enthusiasm for the sport is hard to miss. Often one of the loudest on the bench; Shante is sure to never miss a tournament or practice. “I take pride in knowing all our players and their parents. I think at this point I even know their siblings and grandparents. I knew I didn’t want to be a director that just pays the bills and collects dues.” That couldn’t be more true, today Shante gladly helps where needed, hauling equipment, creating promotional materials, and even helping player’s families set up birthday and graduation parties. There really isn’t anything this director isn’t willing to do. 

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