Frequently Asked Questions

How many teams do you have? 

Right now, we carry girls’18s, 16s, and 15s. We also have a Boys’ 18s. For the next few seasons we will be expanding to a 14s, and 12s. We pride ourselves in our ability to know each of our player’s personally, so you can be sure that our coaches and director will know each player and parent by name! You’re not just a number here. 

How many girls do you carry on each team? 

We will carry no more than 13 girls per team, but aim for 11, so that every girl can see the optimal amount of playing time. 

Where do you practice? 

We practiced at Azusa High School, but seek optimal locations based on player’s locations. 

What if my child is younger than 18, but wants to tryout for the 18s team? 

Come to tryouts! We welcome any player who can compete at the higher level! 

What does a typical practice look like? 

Well, for the first few weeks things get pretty intense. We go over volleyball fundamentals, assess styles of play, skill and fitness levels, and create a solid foundation for the months to come. This is created through fundamental skills drills, conditioning, and skill assessments.

A cohesive volleyball system is essential to the success of any team, so for the first few weeks we’re sure to instill our players with the court knowledge, skill, and fitness level to succeed with us! Once the foundation is laid, our practices are deliberately diverse and unpredictable, so that players are always given opportunities to learn, reflect, and rise to the occasion. 

I have  a question! Who do I contact? 

Our club director and/or coaches would love to speak to you! Click here for our contact form!