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Aaaand we’re off!

The girls’ 2018-2019 rosters are practically full. Thank you all for a wonderful turnout! Boys you’re next! September 9th we’re holding 16s and 18s tryouts. We’re expecting our largest turnout yet. Mark your calendar, the rosters will fill fast!

Never thought to have my daughter join club volleyball, but when we were told about this club and not having club experience, they made me feel that it would help my daughter better her skills. Once my daughter joined, it made her more secure about herself. They brought out the best of her. Coach Juan is one of the coaches. He makes it fun for the girls and works really hard for them to get it right. The girls are very focused and determined. I am very thankful and pleased on how they treat each athlete with the upmost respect. I do recommend this club for your athlete and can’t wait for next season.

Plain and simple, I love this club.  There is no elite nonsense and outrageous fees, just fantastic dedicated coaches and a group of girls who love to play volleyball.  My daughter had not played at club level in over a year, but was ready to do the work and get back into it.  Where another local club flatly rejected her, Ironclad saw that she was rusty from non-practice, and worked with her to develop the skilled HAPPY player that she is now.  Most importantly, they BELIEVED in her, and all the girls.  And in that environment, my daughter blossomed – as a player, and as a person.  Ironclad coaches have an amazing connection with their players that we had not experienced before.  They are truly there for the girls on and off the court, and have shaped my daughter in so many positive ways.  I can’t thank them enough. The club culture was fantastic.  All the girls supported and encouraged each other.  No side eye allowed!  The work was certainly hard, but the girls took it in stride and improved with every practice.  Most importantly, they worked together as a team.

All clubs say they are a family, but this club truly is a family.  I am so thankful that we were able to be a part of it, and so glad that we have one last season ahead of us.

This is the 1st club team that my daughter has played on and I can definitely say that she has improved drastically.  The commitment that the coaches have to the sport, has rubbed off on my daughter and she LOVES the game.  I appreciate the down to earth style of coaching as well as the ongoing communication with the parents.  I can’t say enough about the coaches. They all work together flawlessly and lead by example on sportsmanship.  They expect commitment from the players but in turn, the coaches are committed to making your child a better player.  Not only is the coaching staff great, the program is also affordable.  I recommend this program to anyone that is looking for a great place for your child to excel in volleyball.