Where do I begin? First off, the coaches are exceptional and very passionate about the sport! They truly emphasize the meaning of great sportsmanship and the importance of being a great player/student on and off the court!! An hour of every practice on the weekends is dedicated for Study Hall and any subject the kids might need help with can and will be addressed! They are also considerate about other school activities the kids might want to be a part of! Having practice on the weekends allows my daughter to be a part of the swim team at school and she does not have to miss out on another one of her passions!! The price is reasonable compared to other ridiculous amounts I came upon when inquiring different volleyball clubs! Also, there is no hierarchy based on who you know and how much you make! Your player better play their heart out !! This is more than a team, it is a family!! Thanks for helping my daughter improve so much and continuing to help her reach her full volleyball potential!
Glad to be part of the Ironclad family!!

Dee. G